Our Approach To Landscape Design


Sunlight and shadows. The warmth of the sun, the cool shade of a tree. The proper use of balance is an integral part of fine landscape design.

At Creative Landscapes we strive to incorporate these elements into our work, because balance is not just a design theory but a human necessity. We carefully consider the geographical orientation of your setting in order to take full advantage of the beauty of natural light and shadows.


Harmony β€” in texture, in color, in form. A natural, organic interplay of these elements is the essence of fine landscape design.

At Creative Landscapes our goal is to enhance the natural splendor of your setting. Stone walls, walkways and unique plantings are all used to complement the beauty of your home, and provide a graceful transition to the outdoor world around it.


Tread softly, use the tools that Mother Nature has provided. A simple philosophy indeed, but one we follow with a single-minded determination.

At Creative Landscapes our designs follow a natural course, not one dictated by current trends or a desire to re-invent the wheel. This integrity of purpose is shared by all of our employees; it’s the hallmark of our work.

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